Weight Rings, Cheap Mod!

I had to show this it’s worked amazingly for me. I went to Lowe’s and bought 2 pairs of giant o-rings to go in the rims of my Frantic and M1. There about 1.2 grams each so in the end it’s about 5 grams heavier. The Frantic doesn’t have much rim weight so this has made it’s spin time a ton better! Costs about $0.60 per pair so it’s super cheap. I prefer to play with 1 pair in my Frantic.

1 Pair? If you only do one side it will be uneven.

Yea, that frantic has no rim weight :-X…

I did that with my Cream.

I put 1 on each side.

Awesome! This is a perfect mod for me, I gotta try it.

Are you sure they’re only 1.2 grams each? My FH2 weight rings look like that, and they’re about 4 grams each.

I’m pretty sure. I weighed my Frantic alone and it was 65 grams, then I weighed it with my 4 rings and it was 70 grams. My scale isn’t too accurate so that’s just pretty close. They’re also just made for plumbing so it isn’t made to be heavy.

got anything on the x-convict

If you happen to get prescription bottles from the Target pharmacy, each bottle is color-coded with a rubber o-ring around the neck of the bottle. These come in many different colors and sizes and they add a subtle, yet noticeable amount of weight to your yo. These rubber rings fit seamlessly into several of my throws. If you politely ask the person working behind the pharmacy counter if they have any extras laying around, they will most likely give you a couple for free no questions asked:)
I have a pair of green rings that fit so perfectly into my kick side, that it looks and feels as if they are a molded part of the yoyo itself.

this thread is years old pls dont revive it

That’s pretty cool. 8)

I agree. You should start a new thread so you can get flamed for doing that as well.

Pardon me for delivering useful information to the yoyoing community.
I fart in your general direction :frowning:

actually i have blue orings that fit around target perscription bottles and they fit perfectly in my new breed(without the caps)