Weight and Grams don't go together

Maybe you should change the part of the specs where it says ‘weight’ to ‘mass’ becuase grams is a unit of measurment for mass.


We are all on earth so there is no need to measure mass, when we aren’t not comparing the weights in areas that have a high enough difference in gravity.

well if some one lived on the equator the yoyo could fell lighter :stuck_out_tongue:
but i agree i dont even think most of the general public even knows that gravity has anything to do with weight

This must just be me but most people have been in the 5th grade right?
But as far as changing it goes there is no reason to.

i live on the equator…there is no gravitational change in weight

Gravity at the equator is the exact same as gravity at the north pole. As for weight in grams, I don’t think its a big deal, Considering the number is a measure of the objects weight, not mass, and changing the unit would just screw everyone up


Just really?

I prefer grams because they are easy to work with. Grams are converted into pounds a lot, so it is easy to use them was a weight. Unless you would rather use slugs?

I thought not.

many people forget about what they learn in 5th grade

from what your flag says you live in the U.S. and as far as i know no place in the U.S. is anwhere near the equator

no there is about .3% less gravity on the equator than the poles
but it is so small that i was joking about some one feeling a change in weight on the equator thus the :stuck_out_tongue: face

that is so ignorant i don’t even want to start

actually, its not that ignorant. Hes just putting logical facts out there in response to things that people (including me) have said. not ignorant, just informative


actually it’s quite ignorant. If you actually look at my profile you can see where i am which is just above the equator. I do not actually think or approve of that term or the idea he is instilling as “logic” so please try to understand i was responding to what he directed at me and nothing else which was downright ignorant on his part.

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This will stop! There is no one that lives anywhere near the equator if you live in the states. Please no "I told you so’s or any other talk about this. It’s nonsense.


Basically, either change ‘weight’ to ‘mass’, or change ‘grams’ to ‘newtons’. The SI unit for weight is not grams. That’s what I think the original poster was trying to say.

How about we leave it just like it is and forget about petty things.


We need to invent a new measurement, called the Weightogram.

this and HI MI!!!

OH and…


20 days isnt necro, also I must spread the word of Weightogram.

Weight and mass are two different things.

Mass is how much matter is in something, weight is how much force gravity has on an object. Two completely different things.

Also grams is measuring weight in the metric system, it has nothing to do with mass.

But a Weightogram is special. It’s the best of both worlds.