Hey everyone! I have this new trick series called “Weektrx”. Basically this how it started… I went to my friend Kris and asked him if he wanted to start a weekly trick series with me. We threw ideas back and forth and finally after finding something to agree on Weektrx was created.

There will be a new trick every day of the week, and since I have almost a full list of players to contribute, this project should run a lot better. Now you won’t see me almost every day you’ll see me twice a week. - Stan

Founders: Stanley Swincher - Kris Linton

Weekly Players:
Rex Serpe - Sunday
Robbie Graham - Monday
Jamelle Kent - Tuesday
Stanley Swincher - Wednesday
Julian Grunauer - Thursday
Cole Jordan - Friday
Ross Harrison - Saturday

Special Guest Lineup:
Anthony Rojas - http://youtu.be/i5RE9179k3E
Drew Tetz - Coming Soon

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Weektrx
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/weeklytrx
Official Daily Trick Thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,54621.0.html
Email: weektricks@gmail.com

If you want some new material to add to your arsenal of tricks then check out Weektrx! We upload a new trick every day. Don’t hesitate to like, comment, subscribe, share, etc!

Hello everyone, so Weektrx has really became a solo project as the other 3 members haven’t had much time to film a trick once a week, so I am on the look for some new players.

If anyone is interested in doing one trick a week for Weektrx let me know. I know for fact that I will have a guest trick from Anthony Rojas sometime soon once he can get time to film a trick which is awesome. I will ask more people to guest appear in the future but for right now I’m looking for guys that can do it very often.

What you need:
-Both sponsored and non-sponsored are welcome
-I need to see footage of you yoyoing before you’re chosen
-Any style
-You have to be able to record at least one trick a week, more than one is acceptable (If you miss a week it’s okay but I won’t take more than two weeks without filming a trick)
-Creative tricks (Nothing too long)
-You can leave the player list if you want/need to (Just let me know)

I will be accepting 6 new players so I really hope I can get some people.

PM me if you’re interested!

NOTE This is not a company, so before you ask, this is not a yoyo or string company. It is a project.

Other contact methods
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mrstsiv
Email: sts@dbzmail.com

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Is this going to be trick tutorials? or just people doing break downs or just people doing 1 trick in the video without any break down or tutorials? Also, are all the tricks going to be original or will they include well known/not so well known tricks? Thanks and the project sounds cool, I just wanted a bit more information. Thanks

Here’s an example http://youtu.be/FVr746a4OBk

I’m not much of a tutorial guy so I guess it’s sort of a breakdown since the trick is replayed in slow motion. The tricks need to be original, but I don’t want the players to be doing tricks that are too hard or long otherwise viewers won’t learn anything from them and any style of yoyoing is acceptable. This project is not only to help out the community with bringing new material 7 days a week but it’s to give other players the chance of getting in the picture everyone wants to get recognition or to be popular whether they say so or not. I hope these answer your questions!

Also I’d like to welcome Julian Grunauer(juliang22) and Ross Harrison(qwertyo) to the players list, they will be contributing one trick a week. That leaves 4 slots remaining to join the Weektrx Project.

You should do tutorials instead of just filming one trick and slowing it down that doesn’t help much, it kinda does untill I get stuck

There are lots of other people out there doing tutorials and such, I really don’t want to do a tutorial for every trick for this project. But If certain tricks get asked for a tutorial I’ll do them on my personal channel.

Still looking for 4 more players, anyone that’s interested please pm me!

Our video for today. :slight_smile:

Ross you posted your video in the wrong thread but it’s okay haha, bump!

Hey everyone, I’d like to welcome Robbie Graham to the Weektrx crew!

I’d like to welcome Cole Jordan and our youngest player Rex Serpe to the crew!

Here’s an update of how each day will be ran from now on…

Julian Grunauer - Sunday
Robbie Graham - Monday
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
Thursday: Open
Cole Jordan - Friday
Ross Harrison - Saturday

Rex will choose his day soon and I’ll upload a trick the last two remaining days until we get one last member.

Bump - Also check out the new “Special Guest Lineup” mostly sponsored players will be put in the lineup to contribute one trick to Weektrx.