Weektrx looking for more players! 3 slots left!

Ok so as you know Weektrx is a group of yoyoers committed to making a trick a day or week. There are 3 slots left, and all you need is a video of you YoYoing. You can send request to “mrtheblackho” Thanks for looking! ;D

I would but I suck so I can’t.

I pm’ed! What do you think? Would love to be a member!

I’ve replied to your pm RGT, anyone that’s interested should go to the Information Thread that got moved to Yo-Yo Tricks: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,54712.0.html

Or pm me, thanks.

I want to but a trick a day is too much, a week would be difficult.

in the same boat, bro…

Its not a day, a week.