Wanting to Trade my RecRev (Recreational Revolution)

hello evryone, i am new to this forums and i have a yoyo that is no use to me anymore because i had just came into a incounter with a Genesis (by YoYoFacoty) and this yo-yo is the best i have ever had. The RecRev (recreational revoltuion) is pink color, EXELENT CONDITION!!! NO DINGS NO SCRATCHES ALL CLEAN!!! i have only had this yoyo for 1 or 2 months. i had baught it from a acualy yoyo shop and its neve been traded or sold exept to me. :smiley: if you have any questions feel free to post back and or send me an email to : theif205@gmail.com
also if u need any other questions to be answered i am also here if u need to call my on my phone,
(310) 593-3636
-YoYo_Jest3r (AKA, Cole)