Wanted...used yoyos

Would like to pick up a few used yoyos.

Looking for “working” yoyos which means no stripped threads no ungodly vibe and no chunks missing from them.

Basically want dings and scratches or paint/ano jobs gone bad. Looking for a few to do some rehab on.

Any brands no superwides no hubstacked models no minis and NO PLASTICS METALS ONLY.

I have a paypal account but not a lot of experience with it so may need a walk through.

Want them as cheap as possible $15 to $20, or less, range. If you have say 4 or 5 I would love to make a package deal. One time ship!

PM me please all reasonable offers considered.


Need a few more beaters for my projects guy’s. No stacks no 888’s no wides or mini’s. Metal only.

Got some throws for u too look at on my page.
None of my throws have vibe
Let me know how much u would, wanna spend on a package

Stuff I would sell cheap.
Yyf jk almost mint
yyj eneme some small dings
Yomega maverick mint
888x small dings has rice stacks
Sell it all for 90 shipped