Wanted: Freehands of All Kinds

Still Looking for Original Freehands, Freehand Zeros, Freehand 2s, Hyper Freehands, Freehand Pros and new Freehands. Pretty much anything that I don’t have already. Special interest in getting Eric Wolff Organic and Exotic wood Zeros, the Glow Zero from another store (still eluding me), old II Zero, Save Deth, Pink Glitter Sakuro Zero, and Gyroscope Zeros in orange glow and black. Or any spectacular transitions, mods or painted versions. Click on the link to see some of the stuff I am still looking for …

Still looking for the ones mentioned above. Almost Halloween of 2018


David Hall


I’ve got one. It’s got one little black spec on it. It’s inside the plastic so it was a Duncan mess in guessing. green and white. I have literally never thrown it lol

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Have a Steve Brown in the package.

photo P1000383_zpso6myqjhc.jpg

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