Want to trade or sell my Wet Whistler


I really would like a Dark Magic 2. Preferably unresponsive. I am hoping to make a trade. I currently have a replay pro, an orbis, a magic yoyo (not sure what kind, but plays pretty well), and a popstar. They are the only ones I’d be willing to trade for a Dark Magic only, but you can offer other bundle deals for better yoyos that I have. Just PM me and we can talk :wink:


Hey guys! I have a Ten Yoyos Wet Whistler. It plays extremely well, and is a superwide. It has a couple of small dings, but they don’t break the ano. It is black on one side, green on the other. I would love to trade this away for whatever you have to offer, as I just don’t work well with superwides. I would love something gold, but it is not necessary. I would like a Dark Magic 2 if there are any out there. If you have a better yoyo than the Whistler, PM me anyway, and we can do a double deal. Thanks everyone!

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