want to know more info about priceguide on buying a Sleipnir by YYR

Hi there!
I wanted to buy Sleipnir for some time now,but because of fakes on market and its discontinued its nearly impossible
Anyway can someone give me some advice on price ,please?
I know it depends on …basically everything(condition,box,unscrewed,vibe…),roughly!!!
Thanks a lot

The sleipnir is definitely one of their most popular throws. Colorway and run seems to be the 2 biggest factors

Keep in mind that with A- grades and the liquidation of their throws the price on some versions has dropped but still expect to pay somewhere in the $90 range for a sleipnir in decent condition

Mint ones could be as high as $180 if it’s the right colorway and mint but I normally see them going for $120 in mint condition

I swear I saw someone saw a 2014 Sleipnir would be coming out letter in the year

The proto is already for sale

Guide to buying a Sleipnir:

Step 1: Pay less than $100 on BST
Step 2: Wait for Sleipnir to come in the mail
Step 3: Enjoy your amazing new yoyo

Yup I got my new Sleipnir in the mail yesterday it’s the 2014 proto raw no box with the number 2017 written in the center for the new 2017 aluminum used on this model. If your looking for an old school Sleipnir they also have that one in silver for about $98 US. If you want to see a picture of the 2014 model I posted it in the YYR appreciation thread. Hope this helps…

Thanks a lot lads!!!