Want To Buy: Classic and RARE DUNCAN's!

I am looking to BUY Classic and RARE DUNCAN Yo-Yo’s…Preferably Wood and Fixed Axle, too.

Any Butterfly Style Wood with the ORIGINAL Gold Butterfly Stamp, I will buy as long as it doesn’t look like it’s been through a broken drying machine. Chipped Rims, Stamp Deformation, and other IMPERFECTIONS will deduct from my Offers on these Yo-Yo’s.

I am also Interested in other Old School DUNCANS…Send me a PM of what you have.

Giving my thread a little bump-a-rooney…I’m also looking for a set of Jeweled’s for cheap, if you have a pair of them that can be used as Loopers. Vintage or Replica (Jewels on one side) are welcome, either way.

BUMP…Pls only message me if you have pics of your Yo-Yo’s you have for sale. Thanks.

I have a 1960’s duncan imperial in the package would u like to see a picture?