want some ir pad bro -merged-

meme confirmed

im confused. what is this?

To quote the almighty Jensen, it’s shoo-dope…

its a guy holding up a bottle of IR pads

Just… why

Poor kid, the announcement of his victory had barely happened before Kengo ran up and threw a YYR shirt on him and they started waving IRPads around. I mean I know he’s a sponsored player and you want to promote your brand… but at least let the guy celebrate a little first before you start draping stuff on him. :stuck_out_tongue:


How come when Jakub Dekan was announced as champion, Kengo Kido and another guy ran up behind him and started giving him stuff. They gave him a YYR t-shirt IRpads and wouldn’t give him any breathing room.

Maybe they asked him if he wanted to get sponsored. I think Jakub’s go-to throw is still the Draupnir after all.

Doesn’t really matter, I’d be pretty hype if that happened either way xD

Is there a video of this though? I haven’t seen it so Im not sure how I should judge it.

I wouldn’t mind kendo and ryosuke giving me free stuff and inviting me to YYR


I thought he was already sponsored.