Want Flea or Big Deal, Lots to trade

Ok so i have been wanting a Mighty Flea or a Big Deal for a while now so im putting these up for trade. PM me for pics.

YYJ X-Convict
YYJ Big Ben
YYJ Mini Motrix
White With Blue Caps FHZ (single side silicone)
American Flag Painted FHZ (single side silicone)
Dif E Yo Bare Bones

Choose any 3 Unless you get the bare bones in which case you can only get 2. i could also all a bit of cash if needed. I will ship first to people with good feedback.

i also have a dif e yo barebones id like to trade, its pretty beat but still plays amazingly. trade both for a beat or b-grade metal.

ill trade my dark magic for x-convict
but ill only trade when pics are posted up


only pic i got right now. ill pm you more when i can get them. me and my wife are at her mothers house for a couple days and the vict is at home.

do you have a fiesta, I would definitly trade for one of those

ill give $20 forthe mini mo trix

I have a big deal I can trade for the bare bones and the fhz american flag. If the yoyos are good quality/no bad dings.

he offer to trade me a G5 for my tactic. I sent the tactic and I know he got it (tracking #), but he won’t respond to me anymore :frowning: