(JDrocks!) #1

Can anyone post videos of the 09 BAC. Pleaseeeee!!! ;D


Both tha channels have quite a few


There are more, but thats a lot of them.

(JDrocks!) #4

Thanks. Wait these are vids froms the worlds right?


From the World YoYo Contest?

No, they are from BAC. Like you asked.

(SR) #6

Why the heck is this in the reviews section? ???

(JDrocks!) #7

O, my mistake. Sorry I needed World yoyo cantest 2009. i’ll move the topic right away.!


Worlds hasn’t even happened yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s coming up, though, so just wait…

(JDrocks!) #9

o. Ya. That’s emberresing. :-[


not really because you didnt know


mistake are embarassing but only when you have the right information