Very special canvas, might consider selling..

Photos here:

This yoyo is very special to me, it’s a first run donut hurdler I bought pre-lilscrappyfetuscrew and had original art and signature done by Jensen on of the sides. As I mentioned previously, it’s got a lot of sentimental value and getting it off my hands would take something incredible.

Has 1 small, difficult to notice scratch on the non-signed side.

EDIT: Also have box and fabric.

Sell or do not sell. There is no consider.

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Offer, or do not offer. There is no (need to) pester (me).

no…hes right. ita a ruke. only post what youre willing to part with, there is no “consider”.

Lol, this is just like any other b/s/t thread, only “considering selling it for a good offer” is a different way of phrasing it. I’m not going to put it out for like a code 1, or something. That’s why I said “good offer”.

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