Very Nice General Yo M10 for sale! Splash! $35!

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I’m currently selling a General Yo M10. It is half Coppergold, half Pink-Silver splash, for $35.

It has several scratches on the Pink-Silver side, and a few on the Coppergold anodizing. I have smoothed the scratches out, so the only thing they affect is the look of the finish, which you don’t notice when it’s spinning.  :wink:

There are no play problems whatsoever.

Also comes with three extra bearings!

Please PM me for any questions or offers! (no trades)


Offering a GREAT deal on pokemon cards.

Each set of 30 cards comes with an EX, a rare holo, and a rare. All for $7.49 FREE Shipping.

I also have an M10 Yoyo for sale.

I have a very nice fingerboard for sale!

Comes with Bollie trucks, ($20)

Flatface G6A Wheels, ($30)

Artifact deck, ($25)

And flatface team bushings. ($3)

I’ll sell it for $30

hey was wondering if you would trade dv888 for it

Sure. Or buy it for $25