Vancouver Yo-Yo contest Dec 3, 2011

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Hello to everyone in the area or looking for a trip out of town, we are having a competition in Vancouver, BC on December 3rd.  Details on our website below, so far we have lots of great sponsors and prizes!

Thanks to the sponsors, here is a little video!


Wow i Have wanted to go to YoYo contest but there was none in the area.(vancouver area)

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #3

Well keep your eye out. We had one in May as well and will likely repeat it. This one should be fantastic.


How do u enter?

(Edmeister) #5

You come to the area and you just register there!
Go look on the website it will tell you all the details!
Also if your interseted in this contest come to the meets!
Every saturday 12:30-5 ish
We meet at Metrotown Station Square , and If its REALLY SUNNY we go to the public library~!
Hope to see you!



Do u have to go to all meets and stay for all the time. Also is there a age requirment?

(Edmeister) #7

No age requirement.
Whats your facebook Name?
I’ll add you to the group.
And no you dont
Its a meet
Not mandatory
you go wheneveryou want
and you dont have to stay
soome poeple come int he mroning and leave.
some poeple stay in the morning and then leave after 5.


Don’t have FB. Any other way to get added to the group. I will probably not go to the meets. can’t go to metrotown just to yoyo.

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No its our only group
That sucks.
Come one time?


Well just get everyone else in the group to add me as their buddy and sometimes we can talk. Wait,

Metrotown Station square is inside metrotown right. If so i might already be there so i can bring my yoyo. Well if you see a guy with a YYF whip it may be me. Where is it in metrotown.

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If you know where Metrotown is there is a skytrain station.
Out of the skytrain station there is 2 ways.
One way on the LEFT is Station Square.
Do you know where im talking about?
there is a Movie Theatre and a Bubble tea shop.
and out of Staiton square is the Dollar store.
And its not INSIDE the mall
Its actaully right next to it.


Okay. now i know where it is. Like i said tell everyone in the group to add me as a buddy on yoyoexpert.

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Go make a facebook!
Its quick easy and its more easy for us to t alk!
Are u coming htis week


Not making FB. Not attending. Update me on what happened every week and what u did on YYE

(Edmeister) #15

JUst come man!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #16

K, this thread got really derailed, yoyoedumaster, you can PM me with questions, feel free to come to the meets or contests that we have, or not if you choose. Cream9000, keep lengthy conversations to PM please, this thread is to be about the contest.


I can’t. i can’t go to Metrotown every week. That would be about 1 hour and 15 minutes of driving.


I have FB. My name is Phillip Lee

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It’s getting close