Vancouver Island yoyo club. Hi.


We got ourselves together and made it official. Some sweet promo on our local TV station. Tyrone is the creator of the glowmod. Proudly inspired by me. :wink:

We love em.


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Awesome!!! that’s all I have to say.


Sorry. Awesome it is,


Tyrone Here, I am so stoked that we got a club going now its time to recruit and grow the art of the return top on the island! Just some rad doods throwin n chillin


HI! I just heard about the club- I live in the Parksville/ Qualicum area and I would like to get in touch with you- do you have any other contact info other than Facebook?? (I don’t use Facebook for a number of reasons). Look forward to hearing from you!!


I wish i lived in Vancouver. Such an awesome city. I had the opportunity to go there and ski Whistler and it was phenomenal. Awesome.

Too bad I lived all the way over in Boston.