US Nationals 2011

(Jei Cheetah) #1



Makes me wish I could of been there even more so then I did before.




Great video Josh!


1:29 is that guy wearing an aoda t shirt >:(

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Yes and why does this make you angry? get over it.


Why does everyone harbor such hate toward Aoda…


Having played about 10 different Aodas I have to say I <3 Aoda.
Wish nats were on the other coast, I would love to go.

(Kei) #9

Looks cool as always. Wish i could go.
Thanks Josh for bringing us yet another awesome coverage of what looked like an awesome contest with awesome dubstep music in the back.


lol awesome vid, if only i lived in cal, but fl is still awesome with worlds 30 mins away from your house!! so confusing!! ???


Nats was sooo much fun haha :smiley: