*Updated* Collection Sell - G2, titaniums, CLYW, YYR, and more

** Updated with a new list/pictures to keep it easier to see what is and isn’t available.

Seller Feedback thread: Feedback for Abrimetus

All throws are mint, or near mint. Vast majority have only been thrown once or twice over carpet. All purchases will be double checked for flaws prior to payment, and if there’s any defects I’ll gladly discount it. Shipping is free in the continental US, international pays cost of shipping. All prices listed in USD. All higher end throws have original boxes, others may or may not.

More/different pictures of any of the throws can be provided upon request.


YoYo Factory Titanium Genesis: 250

G2 Arbiter - 150

First Row:
iYoYo Pyro X - 40
YYR TM - 50
YYF Shutter Wide Angle - SOLD
YYF Shutter - SOLD
CLYW Boy – 100
Amplified Ad-lib - 40

Second Row:
Toybania Machination - SOLD
YoTricks Atlas - 35
YYR Helvetica - 40
YYF Shutter Pivot – 30
Rain City Skills Ducc 2.0 - 30

3rd Row:
Good Life YoYos Dgtzr - 70
YYF BiMetal - 30
Mk1 Exia - 60
iYoYo Steel - 60
YYF Meerkat - 50
YYR Inevitable - SOLD


well laid out man. thank you.

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Abrimetus and I have done lots of exchanges over the year (about 3 or 4). He’s patient, organized, punctual with his mailing, and takes great care of his packaging.

One of the best sellers out there, highly recommend buying from him!

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If you have that Life, Im interested. What’s the color?

I’m struggling to remember the name. Plasma something. I’ll DM you better pictures of it as soon as I’m home.

Found it. It’s just called plasma, from the 2nd Life run Life Restock 12/15/19 – G Squared Yoyos


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You manage to sell Arbiters and BansheeSS for 175 in just a few hours? Dang, I am very impressed!


Updated the listing with what’s left, and modified some prices. Hopefully those who picked something up so far end up pleased with what they get.

Edit to bump.


Genesis one of the more overlooked Ti’s…it’s one of the best ever :heart_eyes:

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