>>>>Update Trying to sell or trade<<<<H:Tenyoyo Prepro LF: CLYW

Right now, I am looking for an original hurdler canvas OR a Bassalope OR a Peak OR a Summit. I want both a small and a large bearing Bassalope. Please pm me if you have one that you are willing to Trade. Also looking for money. I will be on all night and will respond quickly. Feel free to make offers, I will take less tonight than any other night.

Hello everyone! pretty simple. look at what I have and look at what I want and lets talk. I entertain all offers, so just pm me and we’ll talk. If you have questions about the condition about the throws just pm me and ask.

WANTS:offer anything really. I will to respond to all pms.


Tenyoyo Drop Bear:
Pre Pro
Numbered: 1-11


Shure headphones. $40 shipped
crystal clear sound quality, comfortable for long usage, wore on a 6 hour flight and was fine. over the ear design. has mic and volume buttons for use with iphones and other such smart phones.

Urban Ears plattan plus headphones. $40 shipped
decent sound quality, comfortable, mic and volume buttons. compact design, travels well. has input on headphones for another headset to connect to and split the music without a splitter being needed.

actual turned this into a BST instead of what it was before :slight_smile:

ac and sky walker now pending. bump.

What condition is the Avalanche in?

the avalanche hasa bunch of marks on the rims, and bump.

Keep it going guys


Got a couple offers but still on the fence.

Looking for a hurdler canvas.

Do you still have the FG green and purple avalanche??

Yep, but please pm me.

keep the offers coming