UPDATE 2/3 - Code 2, Chik, 54, ILYY Lio, Sakura, Nessie - updated pics added

Latest throws up for sale

No interest in trades so please dont ask…

One Drop

Chik - Blue - MIB
Chik - Green - MIB
Code 2 - Bape - MIB ( box has some wear but throw is mint )
54 - PInk splash - MIB


ILYY Sakura - MIP
ILYY - Lio Candodize - MIP
ILYY - Lio Candodize - Mint no pouch
ILYY - E1NS 09 - mint no pouch, ano flaw and a machine mark on orange half  
ILYY St.Eel - Mint no pouch

G2 - Nessie, hairline scratch on one rim, otherwise excellent with box

Any reasonable offers considered so send me a PM if there is something of interest.



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New throws added ;D

Majesty sold ;D

summit sold

Markmonmt next and Y factor added

second MMN now sold

lots of new stuffs added


KLR sold ;D

5 Star and Hatrick sold

massive update with loads of Gen YO and others ;D

Gray / green bada$$ Majesty sold

One of the 2 Goryllas sold

Lots of new stuffs added


canvas on hold pending payment

supernova sold

one of the red M1O’s sold

updated sale items

updated sold items

avalanche sold

majesty on special offer price

loads of new throws added

Pending and sales updated