Update 11/23 GENERAL-YO


Hey all, new post with some good stuff. All for sale. No trades. Prices listed are flexible within reason. I will ship internationally. Domestic shipping included, Canada an extra 5 USD; UK and I believe most of Europe will be an extra 10 USD. All throw smoothly. All photos featured here:



1.) General-Yo M10, Comp Evidence all green, mint condition w/ box. $60

3.) General-Yo Prestige, blue mist ed., no damage. $50

IMG_0092 !


bump, Grail and Banger sold


bump, marmot and kraken sold, sesh added


bump, 650b sold! rebirth no longer pending, it is available!


bump, massive update! Added 8 more yoyos!


Wow Paradigm Shift, rarely see those. Plus Sovereign! Nice additions :wink:

(Chris) #7

Pm sent to you


Bump, parlay and pink/blue p shift sold!


bump, rebirth sold


Someone needs to jump on that prestige. It’s an amazing yoyo and a no-brainer at this price


bump, price changes!


Bumptity bump.


Bump bump bump to a sentence.


bump, 5 left!


Bumping to the beat


bump to the top, cliff sold


Bumping again

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