UNPRLD First drop of 2023: ReCognition for Colin Beckford!


The UNPRLD ReCognition returns in some classic and new colors! :fire::fire::fire:

From UNPRLD: Colin Beckford has been a player at the center of pushing competitive yo-yoing through SCALES. He understands better than anyone the importance of the perfectly designed competition yo-yo. His first signature yo-yo the Cognition was primarily based on the UNPRLD Ignition with a more stretched out profile that increases trick execution capabilities and stability. Weighing in on the heavier side at 67 grams, the Cognition was bi-metal and powerful but intimidating to some given its weight. Taking what they learned UNPRLD is proud to introduce the update with the ReCognition - a monometal variant of the Cognition.

With ReCognition Colin and UNPRLD initially focused on reducing the weight of the Cognition design. Through various prototypes they found the perfect balance of agility, speed, and more importantly stability. Colin has always found stability to be the most important factor in executing and learning tricks. The final prototype has more rim weight than the first, and and a flat hub for fingerspin capabilities plus a clean and modern look.

Our first drop of 2023 is a fresh run of ReCognition for @colinbeckford in some classic & new colors. Available in stores worldwide this weekend!  #unprld #recognition

Simply put ReCognition plays incredible. Features 7075 aluminum body for durability and tolerance. The new found balance with materials makes this yoyo feel lighter, while maintaining the same power that people desired from bi-metal design.

With the ReCognition, Colin feels confident in doing his tricks with ease. It is extremely capable of helping newer players master difficult tricks as well as help high level players have complete control of the yo-yo’s movement.


I am thinking to buy this, it looks great, great price and look super good, from the specs too seems great, what do you think guys? UNPRLD always release great products!


I would say definitely buy one. I love mine. Price quality ration is very good on this one.


deff going to buy this


I love mine. Glad to see this make a return. A great yoyo and a no-brainer at this price point.

My paint came right off on finger spins with these… no go for me… not this batch but an older one

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I have a raw one so can not say much about the ano.

its such a good value throw. The nicer aluminum can take a beating and the profile is very stable for a mono. I have one and almost got a 2nd because the raw is a nice aesthetic


Looks pretty enough.

I had to get a recog this time so I got a raw one !!! I missed the last recognition drop so I wasn’t able to get one but now FINALLY I got it :sweat_smile: can’t wait to try it out!

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How many raws were there? Aint no way 50 raws sold out already right? RIGHT?


When I checked yesterday, right after they were announced here as available, I saw only 8 raw.