Unparalleled Official News - US Nationals & Asia Pacific

Hello everyone! You may have seen me post around the forums on this account - if you don’t know me, my name is Colin Beckford. I’m sponsored by Unparalleled (a.k.a. UNPRLD), a brand that’s been around for about 3 years now. UNPRLD was started by Tyler Hsieh and the main focus of the brand is to provide highly capable competitive products at a low cost.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to be more active on here as a rep for UNPRLD - I’m the US team captain, so I’ll be reporting updates here now. Starting with UNPRLD team from over the weekend…

Patrick Canny placed 5th at US Nats in 1A with ReCognition! Be a dreamer and check out his routine below.

Nick de Valpine made US Nats 1A finals for the first time and placed 15th. Also using ReCognition!

Owner Tyler Hsieh won 2A at Nationals (no video)

And over at Asia Pacific, Shuyun Tang placed 8th in 1A using Flashback!

These guys all did great and I hope you enjoy watching their routines.


You’re all doing great work! Love my Flash and ReCog.

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Noice. Love seeing these kinds of shoutouts. Really makes a good leader. Killin’ it!

Now if only I could get my corporate management to be so supportive…

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Hey Colin! It’s always nice to see you around here.

Edit: Canny’s fs was insane.


glad i was able to see shuyun’s FS in person!