Unparalleled Official News - New Team Members

Hello Forums!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on what’s been going on with UNPRLD. We’ve recently announced two new players onto the team, Yanbo Xu from China & Aidan Cioch from the US. Check out their awesome videos here (Aidan’s was filmed by the legendary Andre himself)

Also, expect more ReCognition and Flashback in new colors to be in stock here on YoYoExpert soon. We’ve got some nice colors & editions planned and if you’ve been following us on Instagram you may have already seen a few!


Flashback is the bomb. Seems to have become an underrated yoyo, yet here we see Yuki Nishisako winning 3rd place at WYYC using that yoyo, and scoring the highest Technical Execution points over Gentry and Evan.


Can we have an unknwn colorway of the Flashback? Or a black with gold rims? :slight_smile:

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yuki is da best

Unfortunately Flashback colors for this run have been decided on and are finished - there won’t be either of your suggestions BUT I’m loving the new colors we’ve got.


Sounds good. I’ve gotten curious on the new colorways however I do really like the green color and will probably get that in the end. @YoYoExpertGarrett - any ideas on when the new Flashback with the new colors will be available in the site?

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