unfortunate circumstances means yoyo fire sale

I have had some unfortunate circumstances befall on me so I need to sell some yoyos to help make better of a misfortunate event :frowning: I mostly lurk on these forums nowadays but I used to be active on the extremespin and yoyonation forums when it was a better time. All the yoyos I have for sale are mint, unless stated otherwise, and I mean mint. I am an older player over the age of 25 and I know when to use the word mint appropiately. I am only selling my 1A yoyos because I really only play 2A and 4a nowadays. Here is what I have for sale.

YoYoRecreation Draupnir, mint in box - $160
Crucial, Milk (white) 1st run - $50
Something, Anglam, got a small ding from hitting table - $140
HSpin, Pyro Light, mint in box - $60
Anti-Yo, Bapezilla 2, mint in box - $100
ILYY, Wasabi (green), mint in box - $120
CLYW, Kodiak (green and silver fade), mint in box, I never even threw the thing down - $100 (my loss, your win)
Duncan, FHZ (clear), mint in package never opened - $10
One Drop, Kuntosh (blue and green) mint in box $50

I would rather send out pictures to people indivdually who are interested in actually buying. I can’t do any trades right now I am sorry

Thank you, don’t be afraid to send me a private message, just make me an offer.

Still have the bapezilla?

Hello. Is the Kentish still available? Will I ship to Canada?