Unengraved nickel code2 + YYJ theory + MYY D5 sprite + oozora for 125$ Obo

Everything shown in the pictures for 125$

3 yoyos - code 2 nickel unengraved w/ twisted strings bearing (got from one drop directly I live in Oregon), YYJ theory w/ twisted strings bearing, D5 sprite with JD bearing

2 extra bearings - new center trac and One drop 10 ball

Para cord Yoyo holster made by me with small clip

Pink Oozora Kendama 8/10 condition

Brand New Rubicks Cube W/ Stand

All this for 125$ OBO ???

If you have any questions feel free to text or email me 503-381-3007 or jsofly503@gmail.com
I have plenty of feedback so I can assure you this deal is a steal. If you pay before the end of the day I can ship and you’ll have everything within 2-3 days. Let me know.