Tyler Severance trading card

Does Yoyoexpert.com have a Tyler Severance trading card? Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:
I really want to know, so if anyone could answer, that would be great. ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Really no need to double post.

This could’ve easily been answered by just emailing Andre

Ummm nope, I don’t see his name on the trading card list.

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i would think so

I wanted my question to be answered instantly since the store is closed. Sorry for double posting. That’s sad that there’s no Tyler Severance trading card. :’(

I would like a Tyler Severance trading card. I would trade two Jensen Kemmits for it. Sorry about the spelling.

Never said I had one. I was wondering if they even exist.

i think they do

Hopefully shooting for it soon. I wasn’t in the original YoyoFactory line up, but Andre has requested that I have one, so we’ll hopefully be shooting photos for it soon.

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OMG It’s tyler severance!!!

I want a DrYoYo Card…
It could be me buried under paper and a laptop with random yoyos strewn about

I have your business card in my wallet, if that helps your self esteem.

they might make one soon

IT’S TYLER, you rock man. Yeah I agree he needs a card.

Easy little fella. Don’t blow a gasket just yet.

Same thing goes for me, OMG! Your awesome Tyler. Also my fav. yoyoer. ;D