Twisted stringz Tutroialz :slack-go-round

This is a new segment on my channel that will be showcasing slow-motion breakdowns of some of my combos that i have released throughout various videos, if you see a combo in any of my other videos that you would like to be slowed down be sure to let me know! thank you and enjoy. The string used in this video is type “mojo” string available for purchase at and yoyo used is Gsquaredyoyos al7 quake available at yoyoexpert …… videos also featuring some dope trumpet playing by John Hasselback

I like that a lot. Thank you for posting this. I’ll be sure to follow

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thanks a bunch man :)!!!

Nice! Happy Holidays Brandon!

Thank you kent … and you too

I checked out your instagram and your a man of MANY tallents. You have some serious skills bro.