Reflection Eternal

Hi, long time since I’ve posted a video, so I made one today :slight_smile: There are some new tricks and concepts in there, but some tricks could have been smoother. I also wanted to make a kind of relaxing video :smiley: Hope you guys enjoy, and constructive feedback would be appreciated ;D

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No freaking way you could have been smoother.
That was insane. I understand. Few messups. But even then. That was flawless. I seriously love it.

That was awesome. What string do you use? I would definitely appreciate some tutorials.

Haha, he’s sponsored By YYSL! It says so in the video! :wink:


Thanks as always! :wink: I could have done some of the tricks without the messups, but I was too lazy, and just wanted the video done as fast as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Ammo by YoYoStringLab :slight_smile: If there is a specific trick or concept you want a tutorial on, then please say which. Although I can’t promise anything, as I’m pretty busy with school and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Check your PMs :slight_smile:

You are way too good!

Thanks! :smiley:

Bump :smiley:

Way, way too good. I like the new stuff. Added to the YYSL Facebook page. Thanks a bunch!

Well, I know that. :wink: I was wondering which of their strings he uses.

Ahhh I gotchu!

I used the Ammo, just as stated in the video :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedbacks guys :smiley: