Twisted Stringz Trifecta Bearing: A High Speed YoYo Review

Bearings are always such a subjective topic among the various players in the community. So much so in fact that if you were to place ten yoyo enthusiasts in a room and asked them what their bearing of choice was you would probably end up with ten different answers.

Recently I was asked by Jen over at Twisted Stringz if I would give her newest bearing, the Trifecta, a shot. Not having the best luck with specialty bearings, I was apprehensive at first but after reading up on it I decided to give hers a shot. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Twisted Stringz, Jen started the company back in 2011. Her story is similar to many other string upstarts on the market today. She tried quite a few brands on the market and none seemed to fit her preferences so she struck out to make her own. After much trial and error she refined her process and opened up her doors. Her philosophy was simple, provide the yo-yo community with a quality product that will help players learn and improve their skills on all levels. Twisted Stringz has now expanded into the bearing arena. It is time to see if their bearings retain the same level quality that they hold their strings to.

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Smoothest bearing ive used

I swear the Trifecta made my Max Bet feel a gram lighter.

Chris I don’t suggest leaving that bearing on magnets for too long :stuck_out_tongue:

That could be true. The grooved channel could shave some weight off of the bearing itself.

I only had the bearing on the cubes for the pictures… damn thing kept rolling. Although that does lead to a science experiment to see if magnetizing a bearing has an adverse effect on it. ;D

Maybe if you magnetize the ball bearings a certain way, they’ll constantly be attracted to each other, creating a perpetually spinning bearing. ::slight_smile:

FYI magnetizing bearings does have an adverse effect. I just ruined 4 konkave bearings by using rare earth magnets to pull them out of a bottle of cleaner and holding them while I blew out the naphtha. Now they stick to each other and don’t spin well. They have become responsive because of the magnetism.

Lightly hammer them repeatedly until they demagnetise.

Hammer them? I want them to stay round. Are you pulling my leg? I’ve resigned myself to having 4 bad bearings that i can use in responsive yoyos.

Or drop them repeatedly. I’m serious. Google “how to demagnetise steel”.

He’s right hammering them would demagnetize them, just do it lightly

I have a magnetized YYJ speed bearing. Not enough to affect play though more of a novelty for me.