Tut.1 - Barrel Roll to Triangle


Video Description:

“I think i created this trick up so there really isn’t a permanent name for it just yet because i’m not 100% sure if i made it up or not, looks too easy to not have been made up and made into a famous trick i may not have seen before. So for now it’s just called Barrel Roll to Triangle.” - Taylor

Here are the steps!

Step 1: Land in a 3 finger trapeze
Step 2: Make a frontward rock the baby formation
Step 3: Roll the yoyo towards yourself then away while popping the yoyo out of the hold causing it to barrel roll back around
Step 4: Drop the yoyo onto the right side of the string causing it to land in a green triangle
Step 5: Pop out of the back then bind

I hope you guys have fun with this trick!


First off… Great song choice… I f’ing love Empire of the Sun. Secondly… great trick… nice, simple and quick