Turn Over Whip

Can someone do a step-by-step tutorial for the trick Turn Over Whip? I want to learn more whipping elements…

It’s really a one-step trick.

You are learning from this video, right? If not, it’s at 1:32.

Basically just pull the yoyo up and do like you’re going for a wrist whip. By this I mean you want the slack to go clockwise around the back of your hand/wrist. Midway through the motion, when the slack is behind your hand you want to twist your hand in a full circle. This will change the direction of the whip.

As much as I hate posting this (this video is god awful) There is another example of a turnover whip in my One Year video. The whip itself does leave the frame, but you should be able to see the movement of my hand. I wish I had a better example of one.

It’s at :20

Ok thanks ill try practicing what you described.