Tsubasa Onishi Tech Score?

Just wondering here, how did Tsubasa Onishi get a tech ex. score of 60 even though he had a restart and a yoyo change? Was this a mistake?

T.Ex of 60 means that he was first by all clicker judges. The deducts for the restart and change are covered in Major Deductions.

Then why is there nobody else (in any other divisions) have 60s?

Judging is highly subjective. Perhaps the judges didn’t think anyone else scored that well in those events.

Tsubasa was the only player who had the top Technical Execution score from every judge. The rest of the divisions, different judges had different players as the top T.Ex. score. For example, in 2A, while Takuma Yamamoto had the highest T.Ex. score overall, a couple of the judges probably clicked more points for either Shu or Hiraku.

The way it works is basically the player who gets the top T.Ex. score from each judge gets a 60 from that judge, and everyone else gets something below that. So if you have five T.Ex. judges, and three of them have Takuma as their top score, the 2A scores might look something like this (numbers made up for illustration purposes):

60.0 60.0 60.0 55.9 55.3 Takuma
55.3 50.6 53.8 60.0 52.7 Shu
50.2 54.8 52.1 53.4 60.0 Hiraku

Then when you average the scores from each judge, no one will have a 60 overall. The only way to get a 60 in T.Ex. is if the same player gets the top score from every judge (or all but one judge since I think they remove the top and bottom score for each player when they take the average).


Thank you, Yossarian. That makes much more sense now.