Trying to name this trick

I did this trick a while back for a video battle and I haven’t got a name for it yet… anyone want to help me out?

cottage cheese. lol

Twistration. :o

i actually like this one, but maybe swiss cheese would be better… as it tastes better.

i like this one

as do i but i want to see if anyone else has something creative too!

Chocolate carrots.


Washing Machine! (That was my first association, lol.)

Twistzzarella. (Mozzarella) Since you guys have been talking about cheese.

But I like Twistration better. ;D

(Twister filter)

Untangling a Mess

Sorry No Offense

For your information, we have something called a “modify” button, it’s at the top right corner of your posts.

I’ve been noticing some of your posts, and they were quite mean. So, lets try to be nice here.

To the OP:
I noticed that you threw a sleeper instead of a breakaway.
I recommend practicing breakaways, because you will need it for tricks like suicides.

Now let’s not jump on poor lil avery, they’ve been posting there opinion and thats fine.

And yes Vivo, you are more than correct. but Matt may have wanted a different type of spin, or just wanted the effect of turning to the side. :wink:

i just tend to throw sleepers rather than breakaways i can do both so no worries

Poor lil avery im the best in the world at yoyoing so don’t be mad when i say

I like Twistration.
Way to go Vivo!

I figured he was only a troll.