True story, Bro.

Epic pics, bro.

yeah, I’m not letting one of my friends ever touch another one of my metals.
I’ve let him see my xcalibur, and he dinged it (it was basically mint before)
then today I let him see my protege, and he dinged that too. -_-

If anyone ever did that. They would wake up wearing a superman outfit with a tooth brush in hand in an abandoned village in Australia with a note tatoo’d on the back of there calf saying “Think about what you did”

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^^^^^Agreed completely.

lol…you’re pretty creative :smiley:

Gave me a chuckle.

Epic! You used the same pic twice.

i give them my beater or my aoda and say here now i can teach you usually that makes them be quiet if not then they don’t get to use anything

Me want more comics…


i particularly like the pokemon reference

Another one coming soon.