Trishimula. B/S/T! Looking for Dark magic!Toxic frog plox !

Hey! Welcome to my BST. I don’t have much, but feel free to offer on anything. ^^

Will send more pics. Also you can message me about condition. Sorry about the Fuzzy pictures. can take better ones!

New to the Forums - as in not that active - but planning on being for active from now on.


Dark magic 2. black, red or any special colors prefered

Delrin severe

DNA or genesis with stacks

older genesis

Duncan barracuda


full size Clyw? xD

Cool FHZ, and clear FHZ, ALL WHITE FHZ , FHZ with mod spacers, team editon FHZ (trans green with black caps) -WANT WANT * will pay for some of these.

But still feel free to offer anything! ^^

Will also offer some cash if needed, for my wants!

-Lets GO!-

duncan freebird - near mint, no caps , with 1 duncan silicone sticker and 1 dif pad

Milk - beat but then satined by me, with crc siliconed by me.

Genesis - looks as pictured, scratched up and has 1 ding.

Diamondback - near mint- small damage that doesnt break anno

loop 720 pair - with pads and some flat spots

Echo- 3 small nicks/dings


I also have a go pro 1 i want to get rid of. not the naked version. comes with head strap. can shoot up to 1080p

Thank you for checking out my stuff! And feel free to Offer on anything! Be sure to check out my wants as well!

Come on. only 1 pm?

Stop hogging all the derlins! xD

updated wants.

No one has derlin? lawlz


Back from MWR^^ trades have been made there.

bumpity bump bump!

raptor might be gone today! beat my offer of a 3yo3 volume!