Triple iwasawa tower laceration

took me a few months to work my way up to doing triples, but here ya go  :slight_smile:

You’re the god of lacerations!

I was shocked when I saw tis title.

I think I went blind.

Now how 'bouts you film that quintuple suicide? :wink:

gah, you just wanna give me a shoulder injury don’t you :wink:



drools wha…wha…wha…

Happy Throwing! =]


Dude. Woah. I just tried yoyoing with my eyes when they fell out. I also tried with my jaw when it dropped off, but that didn’t work as well. Haha.


nothing to say about that but : WOW !!!


My shoulder is sore from watching that.

HOw ya do that thing… with the whip and pop and the whip swirlly thing land in a what. ** faints.

OMG i suck!!.. * bows to the master.