Trick name unkown to me

Need a good video for a trick I don’t know the name of.

You start off with around the world., then an inside loop then around the world… repeated.

Didn’t look through the looping tricks, but didn’t know were to look or if it would be there anyway.

Please to help, thanks :wink:

Time Warp…?

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sound like a bunch of regenerations. time warp is inside loop then around the world iwht one hand and inside loop and kinda like backwards around the world on the other hand.

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I’m generally ignorant in looping, but I don’t think looping combos need to be named. Theres’ just the list of moves, and you string 'em together. But that’s just my opinion.

first of all it’s not a combo its a trick. and stringing together a list of moves is something you do in all styles, wether you’re doing 1A,2A,3A,4A or 5A.

I percieve 2A differantly thn you do then. I see it as the standard loops and around the worlds, and when you string them together, I see it as a combo. I was just saying to him that I don’t think looping “tricks” need names.

there is so much more to looping then loops and around the worlds. there’s hops, outside loops, arm wraps, vertical loops. then you see proffessionals making up their own moves and swinging and jumping over the string and looping behind their backs or while their on the floor. 2A is just like any other style involving tricks and combos.

Well, anyway, this is what you want.