Trick I Made...Trig

Made this up one day. Had my glow mods out tonight and was like…I should make a video. Crappy phone quality video, so Im hoping to refilm with a better camera soon. Maybe even make a tutorial for it if theres enough interest. Its such a simple trick. Give me some feedback. Ive only been yoyoing since mid January of this year, so feedback and tips are very appriciated! Thanks! Enjoy!

Hahaha, Just realized some of the font doesnt show up on this small video window about. Oops.

Film with better quality doooood.

Dude, did you read the paragraph at the top? I said I’m going to, ha. That’s the trick I showed you at momentum, with the presidents bind added to finish it.

Yeaaaaaah, couldn’t exactly see anything

Lololol, I’ll film one outside tomorrow. I tried today, but it was so hot my fingers were stuck to the string.