Trick Dump




Lots of slack loops. Pretty sick video…but was that a metal yoyo you’re using?


Excellent video and it because you used that blue background it was uncluttered and easy to see your skill.


Horizon. (I think)

Great tricks!


You have some super great and original ideas here!
I think if I had to give a critique though, I would say to try to work on your movements and how they flow from one element to another. I saw a lot of little “pauses” here and there that put a “break” in your flow. If those could be smoother, your tricks would be that much more pleasant to look at.
Good stuff! :slight_smile:



I see what you mean. I think some of them might have just come from trying to just get the tricks perfectly. However, I’ll try to fix that.



(2Sick Joey) #8

Everyone knows I hate videos titled trick dump but since it was you I decided to watch it…Good stuff as always man…your too good

(Amplified) #9

What makes a “trick dump” different than any other video?



A trick dump doesn’t need to have good editing and also usually it’s long because of the tricks that are “dumped” into the video.


One last dump