trading or selling darkmagic with kk bearing and modded lyn fury. OFFER ANY YOYO

i have a red and silver average condition dark magic i am willing to trade or sell. I also have a modded lyn fury with no side caps, the modd makes it wider bearing and unresponsive. REMEMBER OFFER ANY YOYO!!

Sili’'d X-Convict for the DM? You can keep the KK if you like

thats a good offer, what country do you live in?

United States

can you explain what you did to mod the lyn fury? is it just shims? did you change the reponse system too? also wat color is it? do you have pics?

would you be interested in a white capless kickside for the lyn fury? or maybe a blue journey, or zan navi?

well i trade a kick side for the lyn fury at somone at school, i dont know how he odded but i cn say it is unrespon sive and it has good play

what condition is the x con in ?

cool, what color is the lyn fury?

the lyn fury is blue

what yoyo is a zan vani and what company?

its by a company called shinwoo.  the zan navi is kinda like a duncan throw monkey.

i need some info on this zan navi

check the link i sent you, do some searches as well. i still have mine stock, its brand new. the response system is unique as its a rubber material thats flush with the sides, and apparently never needs replacing. the edges of the yoyo is also rubber, similar to the throw monkey. it has a duncan style axle system and takes a size a bearing. it comes with spacers which you can flip around to make the gap slightly wider. it comes responsive out of the box but after adding the spacers and cleaning the bearing, it plays more unresponsive. mine is black in color with white caps. search around a bit for reviews and videos on youtube and stuff and you’ll find out alot more about it.

no thanks, the zan navi is more of a off string, i am looking for a 1a

PM’ed about the DM.