Trading for YYF FundaMETALS!!! Lio, Skyline, Oxy, Bassalope, etc!

SELLING/TRADING:  I accept paypal and all prices include shipping.

YYF Genesis  (not yoga flame)
YYF Lunatic  (splashed)
YYF Frantic
YYF Hectic  (splashed)
YYF Severe  (caps)
Auldey Virus
Werrd (4XL & Groovy)

Bapezilla NM great condition a few scratches around the rims.  $150

Liopleurodon NM 2 small scuffs on the rim.  The purple half scuff is visible in picture and black half is much much smaller.  NO VIBE, absolutely SMOOTH!  $100

Meteor NM Blue with caps and box, small scuffs around rim shown.  $70

Skyline MINT Blue w/ silver splash.  Hubstacks and box included.  $105

Internal Turmoil Satined Near-Mint comes with weight rings, extra pads, and original container.  $70

Oxy 3vo Satined MINT with pouch.  $140

Bionicalope Bassalope Small Bearing Near-Mint factory marks comes with box.  $85

New Breed Black without caps.  It has a little vibe but still plays very good.  $20
(see bottom link for pics of NB)


28 Stories Wooly Marmot MINT with box.  Very Rare and 100% MINT.  PENDING

HATrick  MINT Badass edtion Blue/Black!!!  I got this one directly from Ernie and I haven’t even unscrewed the halves.  $125  PENDING

Good & Evil 4 Black Lily MINT  $60  $50  SOLD

Train Wreck 2.0 Blue/Gold 1 nick on the rim comes with box.  Near-Mint $80  PENDING

    I also have a 3 bundles of 10 white Alchemy string for trade/sale.  Make me an offer on these.


If you are interested in the above (and would like more pics) just offer/let me know!

That’s it for now.  Please do not post your offers; send me a PM!

Black Lily? How does it play?