Traded. Please close!

SeaMonkey traded and the Kraken is sold! Thank you all! Please close.


PM sent


Bump? Yeah let’s do a bump.

ok wait are you a cuber?

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So generally only the topic creator in bst bumps their post. It literally means bring up my post. It’s to give your post more visibility.

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No way no how. I will never call myself a cuber. More of a slight puzzle enthusiast. Haha. Cubers do things I couldn’t do in a million years.

lmao i’m a cuber… i’m laughing so hard

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You guys are crazy! I bow to your skills.

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lol thanks!

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Bump? Make me some offers! Don’t be shy! I I don’t bite. A lot.

Are you looking to trade for anything other than a Vayder? I’m interested in trading for your Sea Monkey.

Here’s most of what I have on offer:

If you’re looking for anything else in particular, let me know. I may be willing to trade some other throws for the Sea Monkey.

I meant for that to be a PM. Sorry for the faux pas.

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