Trade, OneDrop Rally, Sell Magic YoYo T5


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I’m looking to trade A OneDrop Rally with Blue Rings w/ original Blue SideEffects. A few scratches, but near mint condition. Great Trade!

(H.J.Fras) #2

You aren’t supposed to take the hubs out…


Those aren’t side effects


Im Sorry then


Well thanks for letting me know. I’m bad at this stuff


Hi there, i’m selling a YOYOMAGIC T5 Overlord, Blue, couple dings and scratches. No response rings. No bearing. I’m going for 5 - 10 $. Anyone interested?


Looks like you have 2 accounts, trying to sell the same yoyo.,73649.msg824233.html

Coming from the same IP address.

(H.J.Fras) #8

yeah you guys this guy has 2 accounts. Be aware when trading with.



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