TRADE - CLYW FG Avalanche 28 Stories. mint! WANT: Anti-Yo Viszilla, BiMetal



[u][b]Like the title says…These are FOR TRADE ;D
But PayPal is preferred!

PM me for questions & offers :slight_smile:

- Anti-Yo
- CLYW Shark vs Zombie Beaver anything :wink:
- YYF Titanium Dream
- OneDrop CiTIzen
- offer anything interesting

My Offer…
GONE- MIB Advance Scout (with patch and nesting)
OFFER - Mint FG Avalance - 28 Stories No play or Ano flaws that I can find… Just the cool pick axe engraving :wink:

If you need any other pictures or info about my yoyo’s please let me know





Bumper stickers!!


Advance scout pending




Prefer trade at this time… my asking sale price is going to be “steep” if you ask!

FG Avalanche is mint and plays awesome… other than the cool pick-axe logo appears A-Grade :wink:


Would you trade that Avalanche for a Dogma?

(system) #45