Hey guys!

I have a BRAND NEW Avalanche from CLYW. I’m absolutely in love with this thing… it plays better than anything I’ve ever touched. BUT I’m not 100% stoked on the color.

I’M LOOKING TO TRADE FOR ANOTHER MINT/NEARMINT AVALANCHE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR! That’s IT. I won’t accept any other trades, and I’m NOT looking to sell.

Ideally I’d want to trade for one in a BIP BOP or TEAM EDITION color. Offer me anything though! I’m looking for some kind of splatter.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5305/5586334397_8fc805a9dd.jpgP4020130 by aaronbrink, on Flickr

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5100/5586334735_3e80658c86.jpgP4020131 by aaronbrink, on Flickr

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5294/5586929912_8417f39a14.jpgP4020132 by aaronbrink, on Flickr

…that’s it, that’s all!

i have a big deal that i would trade for the wolly marmot.


PS: I mention it in my description, but it has been brought to my attention that the Marmot most likely IS a fools gold edition…

that being said, it plays GREAT. very smooth, long spinning. Especially with the Koncave in it!

I’d LOVE if someone offered me a Mighty Flea/Big Deal, or OneDrop!!!

Here are the pics of my Big Deal:

not sure is the above pics will work =P. im new to the picture thing…

Thanks for all the great offers guys!

The Marmot is now PENDING, but will probably be gone by the end of the week.

The gorylla is still on! This thing is super nice! One of the coolest feeling finishes… super smooth!

read this sweet review!

“The Gorylla is what you want to buy if you want the FULL Hspin experience. With the Gorylla you get the hybrid bearing, the Hspin anodized finish for superior grinds, and a more stable all around yo-yo.”

Sorry guys, but the Marmot is GONE!!!

I will soon be posting pictures of my CLYW CAMPFIRE! (with a Koncave!)

I have the avalanche bip bop. What kinda deal can you make me. Mine is mint and has the new clyw response flow groove pads that aren’t out yet. I was a tester for them and they work sweet.


i got a yuuksta and a ahrd coat edition y factor and possibl a protostar for the avalanche


Thanks for the offers everyone, but I’m NOT trading the avalanche for anything less than another avalanche or $150. (I know it’s not worth $150, but I that’s how much it would take for me to let go of it. And that helps cover the shipping costs…)

I messaged you about the campfire.

Dv888 (see my bst) and $10 for the Campfire