Tp levi 6, YYN 888, gnarwhal 1, liopluredon, artic circle 1, gradient

Prices are shipped in the continental us. International shipping can be arranged. Trades at the bottom. Would sell the tp/lio/gnar/ac1/gradient for 250$, 320$ with the 888 on the bundle only.

All photos are in the link. Just click expand post under the gradient.

-tp levi 6, few dings, 5a marks, small vibe on awkward throws, almost fully goes away with fingernail test, doesnt effect play at all, 110$

-09 yyn 888, few scratches and a knick, dead smooth, prefer to trade. But would sell for 90$

-ilyy liopluredon, marks shown, smooth, 45$

-clyw gnarwhal 1, marks all ground, minor string vibe, not visible on yoyo, sold sold sold sold

-clyw ac1, smooth, super stable, nm, 60$

-od gradient, slight vibe doesn’t effect play, nm, 45$

Would trade for:
-tp/ colony, abunbis, woken anubis, palp.
-clyw/bassalope, kayak, kodiak, borealis, gnarwhal 2 second run only, 1.21, chut chut, space bear or, cowboy ninja bear.
-ilyy/lio (better condition), wasabi, st eel, TIGER
-iyoyo/TIGER (emphasis lol)
-yyf/ classic 09 888, jason lee 888 any, starry night 888

All photos are in that link. All you have to do is click on expand post. Theres over 20 photos :).
Am willing to trade multiples when called for.