Tp Anubis, leviathan 6, Absinthe, Og Draupnir, Diptych Triptych, B7, Dale, 420s for sale

Sell some of my collection.

Shipping from China to the worldwide. Usually it takes a week to arrive. Super fast and safe!

Anubis green, blast yellow, mint, 325$ each.
Leviathan 6 pink splash, near mint, one scar doesn’t break the ano, 300$.

Turning point ABSINTHE TI, mint, 350$

OG Draupnir,Black Blast, It’s super rare, near mint, no damage, but it’s a little bulge on the logo of both sides. It’s smooth. No box. 300$

Champagne gold Diptych with painted, mint, 500$

Clear Triptych with painted, Hand Painted Rims , only 17 of these, mint, 450$

Garrett, mint , etched signatures, 150$

Powder coated 420, two scars, vibe, plays good, 195$

Avocado 420, mint , super rare, 250$

Need add 20$ for international shipping!

PayPal, F&F or you cover fees!

Pm me for more detail pictures, If you have any questions, open to ask and negotiate.

I have great Feedback here: EddieJia‘s Feedback


Stelmo sold, mustang es price dropped
Canvas sold
Mustang es sold
Add Absinthe and Naja for sale
Price drop!!
Add cheif and summit for sale
Cheif Delirium Dive, Summit purple, pink splash, $old
Cheif Rafmagn Sold
Add Diptych triptych for sale.
Add Gold TI Sancti Grail…


@OhDavidBowie for that sancti grail


Add draupnir…
Add anubis, leviathan 6, Draupnir price drop!
Price drop!


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