enjoy in HD

(Owen) #2


I had a dream that I met you last night… Weird.

But you are a HUGE inspiration to me.

A few years back, I was stuck.

I could think of about… Zero new tricks.

Then I watched your Dietz video and that totally changed my perspective on yoyo.

You made it look fun; you made me want to have fun with it.

So I thank you for that, and I really hope we meet sometime in the future


hugs thanks so much for your comment, I’m so glad that I could be such an inspiration. And let’s be real here, it’s a toy, so of course I have fun!


I just want to say… That trick was magnificent!!! I am speechless watching that. Reminds me of Jensens trick One and a Half Derpie Laceration, but more amazing because it uses a rejection for the whip, if i’m not mistaken. That is basically amazing. Thank you for sharing.


Thank YOU for watching

(Jerrod) #6



The force is strong with this one.


Holy cow that was amazing!

It was so cool to see you on stage at MA states!

Wish I could have met you though!


Ah! Bummer dude! I would have totally loved meeting anybody at that contest! It was loads of fun. See you at NER?



I hope so! If my mom or dad wants to drive that far!

(Owen) #12

Dude, if I lived within a 100 mile radius of somewhere Graeme was going, I would walk…